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You can listen to Bill’s latest installment of Apter’s Alley starting at the one hour and twelve minute mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of Bill’s comments have been transcribed below it:

On Championship Office Wrestling:

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BA: Boogie Woogey Man, Jimmy Valiant, who I did an interview with at WrestleCade. Which is very flattering and very funny. It will be up somewhere in the next few days. The beginning of it I almost didn’t want to run because all he did was keep complimenting me. I said, “I thank you and I appreciate it but I want to talk about you.” He kept talking about me. There is an actual video tape that no one will ever see. The guys taking me on for the COW, Championship Office Wrestling, belt. The COW belt is one of the most revered, cardboard belts in history. People in the wrestling business have known about this for over twenty-five years. People like handsome Jimmy Valiant, the Boogey Woogey Man, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Rob Van Dam did a moonsault off of a Xerox machine on to me! Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch… there was so many wrestling people involved in this. Then Ricky Park, the premiere belt maker, saw some of the videos. He’s a friend of mine. He made a gold belt for me. Which you can see in a lot of my videos. It’s called the COW belt. Still to this day, to this day, people, wrestlers still challenge me. It can only be fought for in an office. There is an entire lineage of the COW Championship. Dan Severn was one of the few people who beat me for it. He hit me over the head with a bag of bagels. I had defended my title twice before that. Sabu has been a victim. Most of the matches were all with me winning with my Figure Four Leg Lock that I could put on anyone in six seconds. When I do my one man show I will talk about the COW Championship. I will actually have the belt with me.

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On the decision to have Lana return on WWE Monday Night RAW as a villain:

BA: The fans want Lana. She came back on Monday Night RAW with Rusev. In the role of a bad girl. I think that the fans wanted to see her as the good girl. They want to see a good Lana. I am wondering, what would you opinion have been had they turned Rusev good by having him kill The Miz?

On the answer to this fan submitted question to #WZDaily about whether or not Lex Luger will wind up in the WWE Hall of Fame:
#WZDaily Lex Luger to the HoF – what are the odds?

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BA: Of course I could see it. I mean, why not? Most talents that brought that much notoriety to the WWE. Now that they have all the old NWA Saturday Night tapes. Luger is on those. Even a better reason to do it. Sure.

On if he thinks the WWE will be harder on Dewey Foley because of who his Dad is:

BA: No, I don’t. It’s a good way to slip his Dad’s learning in to there. Since Chanukah is two days from now. Tomorrow, actually, Sunday. There’s two words I can say about him starting with WWE, “Doesn’t hurt.” I think he’ll be good in the mix. It’s always good to have a fresh eye on stuff. Don’t know. He’s the rookie. It doesn’t matter who he is, you come in to the WWE, in various departments and you start off just like everybody else does. You’re the rookie. You still got to prove yourself.


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