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Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has fallen in love with Kevin Skaff, who is the lead guitarist and a backup vocalist for the band A Day To Remember.

Report has it that Paige went out with her boyfriend recently for a music festival presented by the Florida rock band A Day to Remember which Skaff leads.

The event was held at the Self Help Festival in San Bernardino, California and it was a remarkable day for the WWE Superstar Diva.

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And for those who are wondering on the relationship status of the 22-year-old Diva, the latest news is that she is no longer single as it were. She’s now sharing her life with a man whom she judges could make her happy as a woman and she’s probably going to spend the rest of her life with him.

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Yes she said she was single at a time, but more than a year ago when she was asked during the Q&A session at the Austin Comic Con on October 2, 2014, and Paige said she was single. “Thanks for reminding me that I’m painfully single!” Paige said of her relationship status.

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Now she has moved on, got glued to Kevin Skaff whom she holds in high esteem. In the photo below Paige and Kevin Skaff are seen doing the kind of tongue play lovers around the world usually indulged in.

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige and Boyfriend Kevin Skaff

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