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Will John Cena be at WrestleMania 35?

WWE’s biggest show of the year is only few days away and Cena is not advertised for the show. However, if a report is to be believed, he will be competing at WrestleMania.

John Cena hasn’t been seen inside a WWE ring since the January 14 episode of Raw. WWE wrote his character off television that night by claiming that he sustained an injury to his ankle during a Fatal 4-Way Match for the right to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.

This is the second time in recent years that we will go into WrestleMania without John Cena having an officially advertised match this weekend, though the franchise player and 16-time World Champion is likely to be present in the stadium on Sunday night.

The story circling Cena’s bout is quite intriguing. If the rumors are to be believed, it won’t be against Kurt Angle, because the former Olympian will be facing Baron Corbin in his retirement match, but there are various of options out there for ‘The Franchise Player’. There’s been a lot of hate for Cena over the years, but in recent times, he has overcome that, putting over the likes of Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and AJ Styles.

Let’s have a look at 3 Superstars that John Cena might face at WrestleMania 35.

#4 John Cena vs Elias

John Cena and Elias have some unfinished business

John Cena and Elias have some unfinished business

John Cena and Elias have had a rough time with each in the past couple years, with Big Match John beating Elias each time. Elias is a heavily talented Superstar who can work equally well on the microphone and in the ring and John Cena has basically crashed his segments.

Since John Cena doesn’t have an official match at WrestleMania 35, Elias can be the one to take up the challenge to warn everyone that he’s the better of the two. Over the last few years, John Cena has become exactly what he criticized Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for being – a lazy part-timer who left WWE to become a Hollywood movie star.

John Cena is still a big superstar and is loved whenever he makes a return. A match with the future hall-of-famer could be a big opportunity for Elias.

#2 John Cena vs Kurt Angle

John Cena vs Kurt Angle

The majority of WWE fans were not happy when the former Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle selected Baron Corbin as his final opponent as the WWE Universe wanted to see the former Olympic Gold Medalist lock horns with his old rival, John Cena.

It’s still not clear what WWE has for ‘The Franchise Player’ for this Sunday. There have been some speculations that John Cena would replace Baron Corbin in Kurt Angle’s farewell match. John Cena last appeared on a WWE Show was before the Royal Rumble PPV in January. Cena is now a proper part-timer and is focusing on becoming a Hollywood Superstar.

John Cena is available to show up at the Grandest Stage of Them All after finishing all his movie work. Cena posted a picture of Kurt Angle on his Instagram account, who announced his retirement on Raw.

John Cena has used Instagram for his feuds in the past, posting pictures of The Undertaker, AJ Styles and other. This could hold true for Kurt Angle as well.

#1 John Cena vs The Undertaker

John Cena Vs The Undertaker wrestlemania 35

John Cena vs The Undertaker was a dream match for the WWE Universe and the fans assumed that this contest between two of biggest stars in the WWE would tear the house down but the match was rather underwhelming. The Deadman crushed John Cena within three minutes. Their feud did not even have a decent storyline. The Undertaker is almost at the end of his career, and John is the perfect man to face him at WrestleMania.

The Undertaker is a legend, he is a seven-time world champion. He has also won the Royal Rumble, the Elimination Chamber and Hell in a Cell matches on multiple occasions. Although, his most remarkable accomplishment had been the WrestleMania streak. Right now, his record stands at WrestleMania is 24-2.

There is a possibility that the two icons may go and fight against each other again this Sunday. John Cena and Undertaker have a huge fan base and the final showdown between them would make WrestleMania much more exciting.

#4 John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles
However, reports just reaching us says that John Cena is going to be facing Dean Ambrose or AJ Styles.

This makes sense and the WWE Universe would surely want a challenging match of this such for Cena. Either of the two of them (Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Style) will make Cena sweat profusely and we vote wholeheartedly for this match to hold.

In any case, we shall keep you posted as more information becomes available to us shortly.