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Man United legend Ryan Giggs and former assistance to Louis van Gaal’s is set to end is long union with the club following recent issue from the hierarchy of coaching. The 42-yaer old has been in association with the club since his youth and has set is mark on the club history.

The legend who joined the club in 1987 as young lad winning 2 champions league and 13 League trophy. As one year left in his contract and might terminate the deal earlier than schedule, following plans from Jose Mourinho to bring Rui Faria and Silvino Louro into his deal Man United. With this development Ryan Giggs as been force to a lesser role which he find offensive.

According to The Daily Telegraph and The Times Man United as offered the Welshman a role with under-21s were he can forge a coaching career of his own. But the legend is not willing to settle for something less. He had recently made mention to leave the club if offered a lesser role.

Ryan Giggs who acted as an interim manager following the sacking of David Moyes, and been tip as Luis Van Gaal possibly replacement was shocked following the management recent development to settle with the Special one ( Mourinho). This as force him to end his 29-year association with the club, leaving the fans heartbroken.