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The Undertaker returned to WWE live events in over 2 years at tonight’s event in Merida, Mexico, and teamed with Kane in a match against Braun Strowman and Luke Harper.

According to live reports, The Undertaker grabbed a beer from a fan mid-match and downed it “Steve Austin style” on the ring apron.

‘Taker then caught a hot tag into the match from Kane and hit some offense on Luke Harper before Braun Strowman was tagged into the bout.

The Brothers of Destruction went for a double chokeslam on Strowman but he avoided it. Kane and ‘Taker then dumped Strowman out of the ring, Undertaker reversed a clothesline attempt from Harper and locked in the Hell’s Gate submission for the victory.

You can check out photos and video of the match below:


Undertaker 2

Undertaker 3

Undertaker 6


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