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Wrestling, just like any other sport needs teamwork and cooperation. And just like a true sport, each member is expected to give maximum support to enable their team to secure victory. There is also reward that is available to anyone in the group who performs excellently.

Although we know that in WWE, the winner is prearranged and one of the contenders would have to give way for the other, yet it doesn’t negate the fact that some individuals or wrestlers are greedy and such act try to impair the general arrangement of things.

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Here we list out the top most unselfish superstars in the history of the WWE, from the time it went on to become the mainstream global phenomenon it is today:

#3 Bret Hart

It is almost unthinkable to include ‘The Hitman’ in this list, considering how much of stock he puts in himself and his character during all of his shoot interviews. However, as much of an egotist as Hart comes across to be, it is hard to debate that it was a very common thing in the era that he came to fame in.

The early 90s’ in the WWE was a shark-tank, what with the company in financial doldrums following the steroid trials and the departure of big names such as Hogan, Warrior and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage. However, all wasn’t lost as Bret Hart had gone on to become the biggest star in the company and what made him stand out was his comparatively smaller size and a highly efficient work rate between the ropes.

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Those weren’t the only things that made him stand out from his fellow top names in the WWE at the time, as for the first time the top guy in the WWE wasn’t booked to be a superhero all the time. While it was natural and common for the babyfaces to lose ground during the match and get in heat on the heel opponent, it was always a given that the face would get to make a strong comeback before he got in the victory.

However, it was Bret who for the first time, didn’t mind looking like he won his matches on a fluke with many of his victories coming via roll-ups, small packages and pinning combinations out of nowhere on much larger men. Not the ideal way to win when trying to gain credibility as a winning people’s champion but because Bret was so believable in what he did, he laid out the blueprint for future smaller stars such as Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio and the others. Also uncharacteristic with Bret was his willingness to lose the ‘big ones’ as he seemed to lose all the big matches during his years as the WWE’s top guy, like the WM matches against Yokozuna, HBK and Bob Backlund.

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#2 John Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena

Another name that could potentially raise a lot of eyebrows on this list, but really it shouldn’t. Cena, who has been the company’s go-to guy for over a decade has also been among the most unselfish performers ever to step foot in a WWE ring, considering the fact that most of his following is made up of impressionable kids who look at the WWE with wonder and as a ‘real sport’.

Now, a top guy usually wins more than he loses and Cena is no different. However, the way he wins his matches is very different than say, a Hulk Hogan. It is safe to say that Kevin Owens and Cesaro are made guys today because of their matches against a game Cena, whose matches are always back and forth, unlike the squash-like nature of the matches that a Brock Lesnar has.

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Despite all the criticism Cena gets, if you look at all the names who became stars working with him or who he lost to, it is a ‘who’s who’ list of performers. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Seth Rollins, Rusev all have been at the receiving end of Cena’s generosity in the ring.

#1 The Rock

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock

The Rock is undoubtedly the sole exception in the whole business, if one can say that, where he became a huge star despite having a less-than-stellar win-loss record. In the ‘Attitude era’ where the business was way less exposed than it is today, wins & losses mattered and guys took their spots seriously and rarely, if ever, did you see a big star lose a big match, especially the babyfaces.

However, The Rock was a third generation star and understood the business better than anybody and it seemed like the popularity of ‘The Great One’ grew each time he lost to a heel and came back with a chip on his shoulder. More importantly, despite being a large man (265lbs), The Rock sold like a much smaller man, even against opponents that weren’t necessarily big guys such as Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit.

It was this unselfish nature of his that endeared him to the wrestlers backstage who, till date, only have the best things to say about him and his run at the top. Even when he had to put his wrestling career on the backburner for a bit, The Rock lost the big one at Wrestlemania 20 following which he wasn’t seen for 7 years. And when he made a comeback in his second outing, in true Rock fashion, he capped it off when he lost and ‘did the honours’ for John Cena. That is why, if you smell what The Rock is all about, you will realise it is greatness at its unselfish best.



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