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Scott Armstrong Raw

Scott Armstrong Raw

wrestling match happens, our eyes will be rooted to the superstars competing in it. We would be cheering for the right one to win and at the same time would be enjoying the artwork that these artists put together.

However, there is a category that we often forget, the referees. Although Referees are an integral part of a wrestling match, they are often underrated.

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We do not even care about which referee does which match even though there is huge importance for the same. There are a lot of such things that we probably do not know about the WWE referees and this list is going to take a look at some of the interesting ones from the lot.

Referees are supposed to know the outcome of the match before is stars. However, this is not compulsory. There have been instances where the referees were not informed about the actual outcome beforehand. The most striking one came at WrestleMania 30 where Undertaker and Brock Lesnar faced off with the streak on the line.
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Chad Patton, who officiated the match, was not aware of the result and he was only told to count whenever someone tried for a pin. These claims are not confirmed by Chad, however, if they are true, then he would have been surprised by the outcome just like all the members of WWE Universe.
secondly; Earl Hebner has his own action figure

 Earl Hebner

Earl Hebner

Wrestlers getting their own action figures are nothing new. Almost everyone in the current roster has their own action figure. However, when a referee gets his own action figure, it is something worth noticing. Earl Hebner, who is one of the most famous referees in the business, had his own action figure. It was a limited item and the chances of finding it now are nil.

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Hebner was shot to stardom for being part of the Montreal Screwjob and he also had some interesting storylines with his twin brother who happened to be a referee as well. Hebner is currently working with TNA after joining the company back in 2006.


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