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It is so sad that after working for several years, the final point of her career became that she was fired by the company, it is indeed a pity.

Well, this report has been for long given and if you can flashback to December 2015 you will vividly recall the release of the former women’s champion Melina who have worked with Lucha Underground for several years. It was revealed that it was when she was been expected to climb high that she ironically descended to the nadir of her career.

On the 4 of December 2015, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that former WWE Women’s Champion Melina would no longer be in charge of the promotion she used to run because she has been replaced with women’s wrestler Taya Valkyrie.

According to the report, The Lucha Underground promotion replaced Melina with Valkyrie because she was said to be “extremely difficult” to deal with. So far, that was the basic reason stated that prompted her release from duty.

No word yet from Melina on why she was fired but our team is working to see if she has a word or two to say in their defense.

In the interim, we wish her the best in her life endeavors.