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This is just like once upon a time CM Punk was in WWE and he was the top reigning star; nearly exceeding John Cena in sales of merchandise and whatnot but now, the chips are down and he seems to be drowning fast.

Phil Brooks a.k.a CM Punk flying from WWE to the UFC was a shock and it still is as many wonder how he was eventually going to acclimatized.

The irony is, ever since he announced his departure from the largest wrestling promotion in the world back in December of 2014, he still haven’t done a match – yes, he hasn’t fought anyone causing many to wonder whether he should really have taken that route into professional MMA.

Therefore, his former colleagues in the wrestling promotion are beginning to ridicule him; Christian and Edge to name but two.

The WWE superstars were doing their regular show “Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness” and just at a point, they decided to let the trigger go off on CM Punk. In that episode of “Will WWE Talk About It?”, they hammered CM Punk and expressed doubt on if Punk would ever do a fight in the UFC.

Yes, it isn’t as if Punk has been lying all day doing nothing in UFC; no! He has been working and keeping himself fit and he was even schedule to do a match against UFC newcomer Mickey Gall at UFC 199 but somewhere along the line, fate worked against him.

He then went for surgery on a herniated disc in his back, hence his debut became impossible. But he is recovering already, and he would be back to make a debut soon. Keep you posted on his recovery and return…