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Nia Jax

WWE star Nia Jax is once again coming under fire for her unsafe performances in the ring. A number of WWE fans took to Twitter to blast Jax for being dangerous in the ring.


The former Raw Women’s Champion became the talk of pro wrestling circles after the recent set of WWE TV tapings, when her opponent Kairi Sane was injured during their taped RAW match.

It was reported at the time that there was “no heat” on Jax for the incident, which was completely edited off Raw, although we did get to see the gash on Sane’s head when she posted a picture of it following the televised airing of the match.

Nia Jax RAW BOTCH on Kairi Sane

Nia Jax RAW BOTCH on Kairi Sane

While it appeared that Jax was avoiding any flak for this latest injury to one of her opponents, one WWE source didn’t hold back on their criticism of the gargantuan superstar.

The Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez (h/t talkSPORT) revealed that a WWE source told him the following regarding the botched move: “1000 per cent Nia’s fault. She needs to be…fired. She is dangerous. Fire her before she cripples or kills somebody.” The site also added that Alvarez said that “there are many others that feel the same way as him in the WWE locker room.”

nia jax crying

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer (h/t, a “veteran wrestler” didn’t mince words when addressing Jax’s role in the injury to Kairi Sane: “She didn’t whip her, she grabbed her by the head and threw/shoved her. It was 100% Nia’s fault.

She never let Kairi find her balance after pulling her out of the ring, she then pushed her head down so Kairi would be unable to see and then threw her forward hard head first off balance towards the steps. Kairi has zero chance.” Another person in WWE added, “It did look to be 100 percent her [Jax’s] fault.”

A number of WWE fans took to Twitter to blast Jax for being dangerous in the ring, and of course, that continues a trend of Jax being involved in major injuries to her opponent. After all, this isn’t even the first time that Sane has been on the wrong end of a botched move during a match with Jax.

Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nia Jax

Back in April, Sane—who has a history of concussion issues—narrowly escaped disaster when Jax botched a buckle bomb spot during their first singles bout on Raw.

Though there is still a debate about whether or not Sane was telling Jax “I’m not set” for the move, it was botched badly enough for WWE to ban buckle bombs altogether, an edict that essentially affects just Nia Jax and Seth Rollins, the two most high-profile stars who consistently utilize the move.

WWE fans have dedicated an entire Reddit thread to instances of “unsafe practices” by Jax, the most infamous of which came in November 2018 when Nia Jax broke Becky Lynch’s nose with an errant punch during a brawl on Raw.

WWE Wrestler Says Nia Jax Should Be Fired For Kairi Sane

WWE Wrestler Says Nia Jax Should Be Fired For Kairi Sane

Oddly enough, it was that very moment that helped transform Lynch into one of the company’s biggest stars and its top merchandise seller. Yet, it also was the flame that ignited the unflattering chatter surrounding Jax’s performances in the ring and her reputation as someone who is dangerous to others while in the squared circle.

On one side of the argument, there are those who feel that Jax is simply a victim of bad timing and that most of the injuries she supposedly caused are actually just a coincidence. Those same fans have pointed to Rollins being able to overcome the “unsafe” labeling in route to becoming one of WWE’s best in-ring performers.

Others, however, have pointed out the hypocrisy in Jax labeling other unnamed stars as “unsafe” given her history. Jax has typically defended herself from social media attacks regarding her in-ring ability while it’s worth noting that recently released star Deonna Purrazzo has said that she was “never” injured by Jax.

nia jax crying

Nia Jax crying

Of course, pro wrestling—like any other professional sport—comes with an inherent risk of injury, but Jax’s name seems to always be brought up in these conversations. Whether unfairly or not, those criticisms of Seth Rollins have quieted down as the former WWE Champion has built up a strong resume of stellar in-ring performances in route to a Hall of Fame caliber career.

With Jax’s memorable matches remaining few and far in between, she isn’t getting that same courtesy, and even those within WWE are starting to notice that she continues to be linked to major injuries.