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Mandy Rose and Otis

Former WWE Superstar and World Champion CM Punk had some harsh words for Money In The Bank winner Otis. In his WWE Backstage interview, Punk advised him to dump his girlfriend Mandy, as “there’s a dozen Mandy’s in every pub in Ireland”.


Otis and his relationship with Mandy Rose

Coming off of a surprise win, the superstar was taken aback by the ‘advice’ from Punk. He had been trying to win Mandy’s favor for a long time. The Superstar has been romantically involved with Mandy since Wrestlemania 36.

Amanda Saccomanno WWE Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose seduces WWE star after inviting him to her bedroom

He feuded with Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville before Wrestlemania, when it was revealed that they were trying to sabotage his attempts of wooing Mandy. It was exposed by the WWE hacker that Dolph and Sonya were actively working against Otis and Mandi Rose getting together.

After hearing this news, Otis challenged Ziggler to a fight, setting up their Wrestlemania bout. He won the fight, (and apparently Mandy’s heart) and has been with her since.

CM Punk told Otis to dump Mandy Rose

He also surprisingly won the MITB Ladder Match, which guarantees him a shot at winning a title. The very unique ladder match saw Otis ascend the floors of the WWE Headquarters, and beat out five of his fellow Superstars to grab the briefcase.

Dolph Ziggler dating Mandy Rose after dating Dana Brooke

Dolph Ziggler dating Mandy Rose after dating Dana Brooke

Punk urged Otis to kick Mandy to the curb before he regretted it, now that he had the MITB briefcase.

Otis, visibly displeased by Punk’s statement shot back on the show, hinting that he might have crossed a line. He stated that he did not expect Punk to make such comments, which were clearly in poor taste.

Speculations suggest that CM Punk is the hacker who tipped uncovered Ziggler and Deville’s plans. Punk has lived up to this rumor, making for an interesting return to WWE, if he plans on it.

Mandy Rose yellow dress
“I’ve heard I’m just a big man comedy wrestler”

Otis is always fighting off opinions that he isn’t a serious wrestler, which was the popular reception surrounding him until recently. He has now won a legitimate shot at a title and may become a bonafide superstar in the near future.

This, coupled with a successful relationship with Rose, shows that 2020 has been good to Otis.