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It was a special day for the real life girlfriend of John Cena, Nikki Bella as she gave a speech to The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women in Tampa, Florida last night.

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In her speech, she encouraged women on the need to be strong and on the necessity for women to be empowered. She also talked about her life and career in the WWE, a profession that is predominantly dominated by men.

The WWE Professional Wrestler, Nikki Bella however disclosed that she is determined to give back to the society by helping other women find success in various walks of life.

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People who attended at The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women as Nikki Bella spoke were roughly 50 people including WWE United States Champion John Cena. Cena characteristically full of life as graced the occasion wearing suit.
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Nikki Bella and John Cena

Nikki Bella and John Cena

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