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According to Daily Wrestling News, the return of popular professional wrestler Bill Goldberg is still one of the key issues for TNA as they plan to make their first move with the Pop TV.

Few months ago, Goldberg was speaking in an interview and he made mention of his readiness to return to professional wrestling for the benefit of his kids. He noted that if any company signs a deal with him, it would do him the pleasure allowing his kids to watch him perform. Goldberg was on the heel of TNA and the WWE and did give a condition or two for his returning. A while later, it was reported that Goldberg had signed a deal with the TNA Company. That implies that Goldberg would be stepping back into the ring after his last match against Brock Lesnar in WWE Wrestlemania 20 — that’s roughly 11 years ago.

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Somewhere along the line, a source from the corridor of power of the TNA Company stated that the much Goldberg was asking for a deal with him was outrageous and overwhelming. The TNA source stated that Goldberg has “priced himself so high” that he’s “asking for unrealistic money.”
There were couple of facts and rumors that flowed with Goldberg’s deal with the TNA as well as his readiness to sign a deal with WWE. In one particular update, Goldberg disclosed in an interview with the Channel Guide Magazine that he has not been contacted by WWE for any deal, whatsoever. That’s where TNA came in – the company did give him the room of promoting a movie and featuring in the company’s new network deal.

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“When something supersedes your business sense, it has to be ego or something ridiculous. I surely am not going to miss a bit of sleep if I don’t get a phone call from them. I just got contacted by TNA a couple of days ago. I don’t know. They want to promote the movie since one of my adversaries in the film is Bram (Thomas Latimer), who works for them. I’m greatly appreciative they want to help the movie out. Now at the end of the day, promoting the movie is one thing, but getting a guy like Goldberg in your wrestling organization is a completely different story. We’ll see.”

In line with the foregoing, it’s clear that Goldberg would be with TNA IMPACT Wrestling for a while.

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