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There is nothing more painful in the life of a man than when someone speaks unfavorably about the past issues of our lives especially speaking about the times when we did badly or got involved in things we are not proud of – seeing what we did or said in secret alone being exposed in the public is devastating and awful.

For John Cena who is into a romantic relationship with WWE Diva, Nikki Bella this may just be the issue. The 15-time WWE Heavyweight Champion has been accused of meaning the firing of Alex Riley who is now doing the promotion of the developmental NXT brand in Florida.

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According to former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks who was speaking during a question and answers session with his followers on Reddit, John Cena wanted to see the that Alex Riley was fired during their time together at the WWE and he made efforts for that wish to materialize.

Tyler Reks is a notable former WWE Superstar who worked for the promotion from 2007 until 2012 and his contribution in the industry is still noteworthy even till this day.

He was shedding light on the issues and the strained relationship between John Cena and Alex Riley and he noted that Cena broke the code of professional wrestlers when he attempted to fire Riley. He pointed that that was one of the issues that affected Riley’s career and his rise to the top of the ladder in the company.

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According to him, the management sided with Cena and did level some punishment on Riley. Riley wanted to make the most out of wrestling, it was his dream, his calling and ultimate drive but that never amounted to anything much as he fell short before the eyes of the management owing to his issue with Cena.

Of course, we all know that there were issues between Cena and Riley but that was downplayed as little or nothing much hit the media during the time. Now the cat has finally been let out of the bag, what awaits Cena remains unknown – fans are divided on this very issue and accusation. What would Cena say in defense? Is it true that he really wanted Riley to be fired? These and more answers would likely surface in the days ahead.

In the meantime, we don’t take it for granted that there are bound to be several reactions to this accusation against Cena as he’s one of the most favored Superstars in the WWE main roster and his fans around the world is awe-inspiring and grand.

We see a fraction of fans swallowing Tyler Reks’ accusation hook, line and sinker, while the other half may turn is down owing to Cena generous heart and his kind dispositions to the less privilege and needy. In any case, time would tell – we await!

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