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These are the outcomes of the just concluded TNA Impact Bouts

Brooke Adams vs. Madison Rayne
At a glance, according to Madison, she says was desperate to win her face off with Rayne without which it would be difficult for her to move to the next round. Lock up to start and Madison drags Brooke into the corner. Madison with a headlock, Brooke fights back and hits a dropkick for the two count. Madison goes after Brooke’s broken finger. Brooke fights back with some kicks. It was so tough that spectators watched with keen interest and uncertainty on who would be the winner of the hot fight. But After a long fight and fight-back, Madison Rayne emerged as the winner
Winner: Madison Rayne

Eric Young vows to beat Bobby Roode handsdown.

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Rockstar Spud vs. Bram
Bram won with the Brighter Side of Suffering. The match was so tough and hot, the brutality was so great that the crowd sounded with timid, but Spud did try to take things to the air and out-pace Bram. The size difference was just too much to overcome, though. Bram came off as rather sadistic in the way he was torturing Spud for the fans and was a good heel. Bram now has three points in Team United Kingdom. Bram vs. Grado will come up next week.
Winner: Bram
Roode told Young in an interview that he planned to end the year as TNA world champ and King of the Mountain.

Mandrews vs. Manik
Manik ended the match as the winner
Promo airs hyping up Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards match.

Eric Young says he is going to attack Roode with any chance that comes his way.
Jeff Hardy in an interview talked about his rough year and TNA aired clips of his motorcross accident and the broken leg he suff.
We see the wolves come out together.

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards
Match goes to a draw just as Eddie hits a lariat. Both men get a point here.
Result: Time limit Draw

Shera vs. Kenny King
Short match. Not very good. Shera won with the Sky High after King went to the air for a tornado but got caught. With six points, Shera is the lead in group wildcard. Kenny is on three.
Winner: Shera

Robert Roode vs. Eric Young
Winner: Eric Young

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