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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins likely injury is something that keeps everyone at the edge of the wall as no one can say for certain if he is actually injured or not although he was helped out by WWE trainers.

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Backstage, it is said that Rollins actually tweaked his leg and likely it would be a knee injury but no confirmation whatsoever yet.

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According to PWInsider, Rollins injury has no face yet, it can’t be ascertain neither can the severity be guessed from any safe angle, for now.

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However, there are different sides to the Seth Rollins’ injury issue. While one source believes that it’s just a ring accident and Rollins would get over it sooner than later, another source reported that there is substance in that fall especially as Rollins was helped out after the match.

In the meantime, Rollins is currently working on having the leg checked out, so there won’t be much need for speculations any more.
We shall update you as soon as WWE submits any information in that regard. Please stay tuned!

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