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It is almost certain that the preparation for the WrestleMania 32 was so unique and also unfavorable to many. During this preparation, the company announced the Rock to be the referee for the Triple H and Roman Reigns match at the event, but this was cancelled.

As we saw from the impression of The Authority, The Rock was not allowed to go anywhere close to Roman Reigns. It seemed that the company threw the idea away for just a simple reason.The Rock appears to be Roman Reigns cousin but it was stated that these two are not in any way related to each other.

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The whole idea of the Rock not being the referee for the match was a plan by The Rock’s management team. This was because the team never wanted The Rock to be anywhere close to Roman Reigns. Triple H had wanted Shawn Michaels to be a guess referee but the company refused.

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Roman Reigns celebrated at the Royal Rumble last year because of the aid of The Rock. So, the company never wants The Rock to interfere in Reigns match so that he won’t come to disrepute among fans, for the Rock is a big titled name for the company.