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According to Billy Graham, Roman Reigns needs to turn heel and somewhat get a manager who would stand as his spokesperson.

WWE has always wanted Roman Reigns to get on with fans; they saw him as the John Cena’s incarnate — maybe I should say, they wanted him to replace John Cena as the new face of the company. And now, that seems to be where he is heading for.

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The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been reported time and again to have poor mic skills, hence the WWE Universe would love to see their new babyface do better presentations while on the mic but so far that has never materialized despite all WWE has done to build his mic skills.

Hence, WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham has stated that WWE probably needs to get a manager for Reigns who would help him with the mic work.

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Graham stands on the side which believes in Reigns resilience and super power but he is worried over what might happen if Reigns keeps living below the belt when the mic thing is involved. He noted that Reigns should be allowed to do the power work but someone should help him out with the mic work.

Well, we think that makes a lot of sense owing to the fact that WWE wants to see Reigns stand as the new babyface of the company. And at times, it takes the man who knows how to play with the mic to turn heel and keep the fans for as long as eternity.