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The Undertaker’s match for WrestleMania 32 is already hanging in the air while a quarter of people in the wrestling community have hinged it that he is set to face The Rock, Dwayne Johnson at the AT&T stadium.

The real drama began when the Wrestling News Observer reported that The Rock would not be making it to WrestleMania 32 owing to his conflicting schedule with the movie industry. The report detailed that Dwayne Johnson has an insurance thing that spells it out that he shouldn’t get involved in any physical activities that might cause him injury and that was the way all things stood before the Rock later revealed that he would be making it for the show; insurance issue settled?

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On the other hand, The Undertaker is not having much energy left on him again; age has caught up with him but he can still give you that draw, that resilience, that unbreakable spirit which is what WWE needs to set a big match for him.

According to, a match between the two Superstars would make lot of sense and that may end up helping Vince McMahon achieve the all-time record he has destined for WrestleMania 32.

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If that match is eventually sealed, that would mean “The People’s Champion” is facing “The Deadman” after nearly 13 years when the wrestled for “WWE Undisputed Championship.” Otherwise, WWE might decide to look at it from another angle; the angle to spring forth a young star; Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt may be considered.

For Roman Reigns, it would be great for his career since WWE has already pushed him as the new face of the company; the one who takes over the mantle from John Cena. So beating a legend such as The Undertaker would give him that credibility that fans are ultimately looking for. While for Bray Wyatt, fans would be more than excited because he seems to have built a good communication with fans. They owe a lot respect for him and would love him to win The Undertaker this time after losing to him at WrestleMania 31. But first, he needs the WWE Heavyweight Champion title; he needs that for credibility and to gather enough momentum on his side to enable him soar to the peak of his career.

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However, the door is still wide open; WWE is still on the drawing board. So, we just have to keep our fingers cross until a match is revealed.