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According to report, Triple H is set to return to the ring where is most likely going to face Roman Reigns at the largest WrestleMania in history which has been slated to hold in the AT&T Stadium.

This is in line with Reigns’ emergence as the WWE Heavyweight Champion and his uncontrolled reaction to Triple H in one the scenes when he lost a title match to Sheamus.

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The storyline is that, Triple H would return to the ring where he would perform and eventually emerge as the winner of Royal Rumble which will give him the ticket to face Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Title at WrestleMania 32.

If that goes as whistleblowers are saying, then the feud between Roman Reigns and Triple H has just begun. Some quarters are even suggesting that the feud may eventually culminate as a cage match with Shawn Michaels standing as the special guest referee as they go toe-to-toe at WrestleMania 32 and from there, they may meet again at another top match in the future.

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By and large, this would mean a great thing for the career of Roman Reigns who may eventually become the new “People’s Champion” just as The Rock. We hope all goes well with him; he just needs to sustain the momentum and stay focus – that’s the golden rule.