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Jim Ross has just revealed that Titus O’Neil has been asked to pay something within the sphere of $5,000 plus for three months suspension for offending WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

Jim Ross report revealed that there are disturbing issues concerning talents respecting WWE officials as well as taking their jobs seriously which reportedly influenced Vince to take such a corrective measure.

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He said, “One has to wonder if this punishment was also utilized to get the attention of the entire roster especially if some talents were thought to be becoming to lax in their approach to their job,”
Then he sealed it by saying, Titus has been on his good list; making no problems whatsoever all through his dealings with him.

Like the entire world is saying, Jim said, the suspension of Titus for “grabbing” Vince McMahon’s arm was too harsh. And to make matter worse, Titus was also fined $5,000.

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Now in few words let me tell you what the WWE star did; when Vince was about walking out of the Raw ramp after Daniel Bryan gave his retirement speech, Titus playfully grab McMahon’s arm and said, “ladies first”. Meaning Vince should allow Stephanie McMahon to exit the Raw ramp before he – that’s all.

Since then, WWE has not made any official remark regarding the suspension. Only fans are stars have been commenting and reacting and that has been disturbing owing to the fact that the WWE star would lose money for missing WrestleMania as well as paying the sum of 5k fine. But one thing is certain; the story has much more to it.

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The whole story Do not just add up; a fine and suspension for what fans witnessed in the Raw footage?

Well, in the future something will be leaked at some point; there will be a new development – time will tell.