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We just received news that WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella has yet again made a peep at another career; one which we never saw coming but may be ultimately good for the career of the WWE longest reigning Divas Champion especially if she juggles it with wrestling.

In the latest episode of Total Divas, we saw Nikki doing more than just wrestling or maybe we should say, we saw her adding something else to her wrestling career. This time she ventures into public and motivational speaking. Um, she seems to be so dynamic that each week she just ventures into a new career and just when she gets stuck, there we see the macho shoulder of a male wrestler and actor(if you will) called John Cena.

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Um, Nikki seems to be ready to be taking new career every week and what can we say, she has gotten the eye or fitness for that.

Somewhat, her twin sister Brie Bella wasn’t okay with the idea and she said as much but that never took long before their dear mother, Momma Bella who looked quite younger than her real age, intervened. Momma Bella was looking like someone in her late thirties; obviously not looking old enough to mother the two grown up daughters.

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Brie made the objection in this manner, “Nikki is not articulate or well-spoken enough to pull it off,” but retracted her words when Momma Bella challenged her for being too judgmental.

Now Brie seems to feel guilty and does a turn around on the matter. Wow, that was great and to make the show even perfect, some wise, kind words came in from Cena whom in our opinion should be the real motivational speaker — considering the fact that week in and week out, he is beside Nikki solving nearly all her problems.

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And finally, Nikki got over things, mounted the podium and gave her speech. And the rest is water under the bridge.