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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were reportedly said to have put to an end their long term relationship sometimes ago which has been generating a lot of controversies, but the picture revealed on the internet brings a contradictory insinuations that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still together and their relationship still thrives.

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Several pictures have been trending on the internet showing both of them kissing in a hot tube. No one can say precisely how these pictures escaped to the air but now that secrets have been exposed it’s now causing a lot of controversies.

Many dramas have been unfolded and the most interesting part is that there is a leaked video which shows the passionate kissing of Lopez and Affleck. With the way these dramas are unfolding now, it’s uncertain to give any prediction on when the issue will die down or what’s really transpiring between the two.

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While we try to calculate and picture what is actually going on between Lopez and Affleck, the story becomes even more interesting and tricking when we discovered that Lopez is still in a hot romance with Casper Smart — Casper Smart is still dating Lopez.

Thus, Casper Smart has been tagged a fool by many fans for still keeping a relationship with Lopez while she is having romance with Affleck.

A picture is something hard enough to fake but a video is just too much for the whole stuff.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Click here to see the whole video showing the two of them kissing and hugging intimately and passionately.

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