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Brock Lesnar was asked about the Shooting Star Press on his podcast. What were your thoughts when he did that move?
“That was my idea, I will take responsibility for Brock doing that. At the time I had to leave [WWE], it really wasn’t in the plans for me to drop the title at WrestleMania. I had suffered a broken neck and was going to have surgery, so I wanted to do something that people would remember. I asked Brock to do the Shooting Star Press, which he had done many times in OVW. I just thought it would be a great way to end the show.

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“Unfortunately Brock came up short. I think I was a little too far away, and Brock kind of double guessed before he went. If you ever watched the tape, you’ll see that he goes, then he kind stops, then he says ‘screw it.’ So that hesitation caused him to land on his head. But that was my call, I know that Brock didn’t necessarily want to do it, but we did practice it earlier in the week and he was doing it perfectly well, he just got in a situation in the match where he kind of slipped a little bit and that was it. But I can tell you this, fans still remember it!”


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