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The Wyatt Family comes out and runs through their usual deal, with each one of the four speaking. It culminates in Bray Wyatt challenging the Brothers of Destruction to a 2-on-2 match against any two members of Wyatt’s choosing at Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman (w/ Wyatt Family) vs. Fandango

Strowman shrugs off a dropkick, clotheslines Fandango and puts him to sleep with the arm-triangle.

Winner: Braun Strowman via submission (Arm-Triangle choke)

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– Neville says he’s going to finish what Wayne Rooney started this week.

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WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Opening Round
Neville vs. King Barrett

Neville grabs a headlock, which Barrett breaks out of by sitting Neville on the ropes and slamming him own by the back of his head. Barrett knocks Neville off the apron a couple of times as we go to a commercial break. We come back to see Barrett plant Neville with a pumphandle slam that gets a two count. Barrett beats down Neville in the corner, then tosses him into the barricade.

Barrett taunts Neville, then trash talks Jerry Lawler. Neville runs along the barricade and flips onto Barrett. Neville also hits a bridging German suplex, but Barrett is able to power out at two. Neville comes off the ropes, but runs right into Winds of Change for a two. Barrett sets up for the Bull Hammer, but gets cradled. Neville counters Wasteland with a DDT and wins with Red Arrow.

Winner: Neville via pinfall (Red Arrow)

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