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A report has just been submitted stating that another Superstar has suffered injury and would be out of actions for four to six months.

The report was made known by former WWE announcer Jim Ross when he tweeted that Cesaro, the Swiss Superman suffers a torn rotator cuff which may force him to visit the theater room for surgery.

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Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is currently out with knee injury, Randy Orton is out with shoulder injury and now Cesaro has joined the league with shoulder injury too. It seems he may also join the league of those who would miss out at 2016 WrestleMania bout.

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Cesaro did well at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament and nearly advanced into the last stage of the competition but somehow was knocked out. Despite the knockout, Cesaro did show a great ability throughout the matches. Yes, he is improving and growing in substance and if he faithfully keeps on the gym work and get some little tonic along the way, no doubt, he would rise to the peak of the ladder.

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In any case, Cesaro injury leaves WWE whose image has been bleeding as viewership falls, speechless and dumbstruck. Yes, Cesaro may not be WWE main Star as it were, but his contributions and submissions in the ring are noteworthy and unbeatable. He has always worn the crown of someone who is trustworthy and capable of putting on a excellent performance whenever he makes the roster and he always does makes the roster, anyway.

We wish him quick recovery and we hope no more injury falls on the already scanty WWE Stars as WrestleMania 32 draws nearer by the day.

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