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Over a long period of ownership and management Dixie Carter is now forced to let go of the TNA Company. This is because the company is facing lots of financial crisis.

It was reported previously that the company was in great trouble of debt which they may not be able to clear off in a short while. The boss of the company has been busy looking for investors to come invest in the TNA Company. Finally, she met and negotiated with the Aroluxe Marketing Company where former wrestler The Harris Twins is involved.

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What is happening now is that the company did collected money from Aroluxe Marketing and are currently paying back of which if the the debt is not totally cleared up on time, the TNA company will have to lose the company to Aroluxe Marketing. This has made Dixie to be upset as she looks for investors as much as she can.

Unfortunately, the investors she entered into negotiation with are demanding to be the major owners of the company but Dixie turns down this demand. But as we can see now, there is pretty not what she can do to help issues but to just let go of the company as the company is at stake.

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In few months from now or thereabout, Dixie Carter will be giving up the company. She will no longer be the major owner of the TNA Company. What a mess!