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Human wants are insatiable as we all know. The nature and skin texture of every individual seems different indeed. While some folks are happy with how they look, others are not happy so they seek a means by going for plastic surgery so as to get a change of appearance and thus look very good.

It was revealed that Stephanie McMahon went on plastic surgery in 2001 which was successful. But unlike Stephanie, there are many celebrities out there who undergone plastic surgery but facing trouble with it now.

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It has been stated that both Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are hosting a TV reality show in America called Botched. This show is to follow up with those patients who has had cosmetic surgery but have gone terribly wrong. This season’s episode of Botched which will happen on May 10 will have a WWE star present.

Chyna was a former wrestling star whose work with the WWE was known as she was a member of the D-Generation. She left the company after her relationship with Triple H broke up. Chyna will be showing up on this season’s episode of Botched because she has serious problem that resulted over of the cosmetic surgery which she had.

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It has been reported that Chyna has earned a place in the WWE Hall of Fame. But the big question is, will she ever be introduced into the Hall of Fame? Who knows? It is left for the company to decide. Lets watch and see what happens thereafter.