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According to a popular saying, the down fall of a man is never the end of his life. The news that has been airing over the globe is the news of having run down completely. The news has been that TNA is about folding up due to financial deficiency.

Also, we read on how Dixie Carter was looking for investors who will come invest in the company. Not quite long, she met Aroluxe Marketing who discussed that for them to invest in the TNA company, she has to give up of majority ownership but Carter refused. She moved on to look for other investors but unfortunately to her, they all gave her the same condition.

The company has been open for sale with lots of negotiations with buyers. The have not seen buyers because they do not want to give up on the company’s majority ownership. Dixie wants to retain the major owner of the company.

Presently, it has been reported that another buyer has located the company, this time, a TV company. This could a platform for the company to be re-enforced if eventually she is been sold to Television company. Though, it has not been disclosed which Television is said to purchase the company.