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Considering the past and even present arrest of WWE superstars, we can vividly note from the look of things that the WWE officials are not well pleased because it breaks bad names to the company most especially when a star is arrested for a violence either domestic violence or drug abuse.

Report by states that even as though the WWE is trying very hard to ensure that talents in the company are free from the influence of hard drugs but yet, some superstars are busy taking hard drugs and hence tarnishing the name of the company and even bringing shame to other superstars of the companies both WWE, TNA and others respectively.

The report indicated that former WWE and TNA superstar Matt Hardy took his heels in his 2009 Chevrolet Corvette car under the influence of hard drugs. He was on a very high speed when the drug impaired his vision and he ran to into the bush and smashed his head on a tree. Well, fortunately to him, he was not seriously injured.

More so, his car was out of place as the whole parts of the vehicle did separate as a result of the accident. Eye witness who saw Matt Hardy after the accident said that his eyes were so closed as a result of the drugs he took.

Furthermore, Matt Hardy was apprehended by policemen who came to witness the accident and was charged with DUI. He was asked to provide a blood sample for toxicology tests after which, he was released. We hope the results of the test be published soon.