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Lionel Messi received his No.1 personal award of the season after receiving the prize for champion’s league group stage drawn.

Messi the flying eagle of Barcelona won the UEFA Best player in European Award for the second time after overtaking Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez in the ultimate prize.

During this last season, Lionel Messi shone up in the second half inspiring the club to be shrill lifting the Champions league, Copa del Rey and La liga Cup with the club. After the group stage draw for this year’s Champions League he was awarded the Trophy.

Lionel Messi proved to the audience that he is not the one doing it alone and his good performance rest on the shoulder of his teammate by thanking them after the match.
Messi went ahead saying: “Thanks to my team mates, it was an incredible year for us, we all are represented, I wouldn’t be here if not for u guys and the club”.

Lionel Messi perfected his level on goals with his Barcelona team mate Neymar and the Real Madrid key player Cristiano Ronaldo in Europe in 2014 to 2015 as they all found at the back of the net 10 times.
Messi who have scored 62 goals in 67 games in all of his season in club and in his Country, there is a probability that he will battle it with Cristiano Ronaldo next season.

Messi therefore still go ahead saying that his performance is being elevated by his team mate and without their cooperation to him there might be leakages in his games.