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There is confusion in the WWE as report reaching us says that a former ECW/WWE star was arrested over the weekend. The reason behind the arrest was not yet known as at the time of filing this report.

Al Snow Staill has a valid contract at the TNA Impact Wrestling, and he’s in a serious trouble after being arrested in Kentucky on Monday night. And this has got people talking making the internet to go agog.

Here are some tweets

Snow was reportedly arrested over his “failure to appear” and ended up being released on $234 bond, that’s huge!.

Thus is a bad record for any professional wrestler to end up in jail, it can lead to a lot of trouble and problems even outside of the legal system. Based on the circumstances leading to such arrest it is capable of jeopardizing ones career and invalidate endorsement deal, a similar case is what happened to happen with Al Snow.

Immediately the internet went bananas, Snow took to his Twitter handle to save his name from the imminent mess.

The 53-year old professional wrestler is currently signed to TNA Impact Wrestling, where he works most as a manager and agent. He also features in some bouts as well having two runs in WWE when he was part of the New Rockers and many other active shows of the company.

He was a strong wrestler to be reckoned with during his time in ECW, where he carried a model head to the ring. That head was his friend, and he actually called it “Head,” which he talked to and often used as a weapon to scare opponents.