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The Undertaker Is Married To Michelle McCool

WWE legend The Undertaker is not a happy camper after the company failed to include his wife, Michelle McCool, in a photo gallery for Women’s History Month.



“Unbelievable!!” the Phenom tweeted on Tuesday. McCool, a former Divas Champion who retired in 2010, was excluded from an online photo gallery listing the “greatest women to capture a championship in WWE.”

McCool also took to Twitter on Monday night to voice her outrage over the snub.“Real talk-when you’ve put up w/ more in past than anyone would believe (simply b/c I’m the Undertaker’s wife) have rarely been mentioned for making ANY contribution to the “women’s revolution” -but WOW-not even top 45!” McCool tweeted.

WWE eventually updated the photo gallery to include McCool, but Undertaker didn’t care. “Too little too late,” he tweeted. McCool responded to the update in a tweet of her own.

“Real talk-I 100% believe THIS ‘cool’ update to the WWE gallery was because of me speaking out with #undertakerswife hashtag,” she tweeted. “(& whoever runs the acct doesn’t want to upset him) Who fricking knows? I also 100% laugh at this…y’all are a trip!”

Michelle McCool and The Undertaker have been married since 2010. They have one child together and regularly do charity events. McCool is best known for becoming the inaugural Divas Champion.

She’s also the first and only female wrestler to hold both the Divas and Women’s Championship, with her unifying them at Night of Champions 2010. In 2010, McCool was ranked number one on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50 list.

Michelle McCool legendary record:

* First ever divas champion
* the first woman to win divas and women’s championship
* Unify divas and women’s titles
*First ever TLC women’s match
* First ever Royal rumble (most eliminations)
Damn MICHELLE McCOOL is a icon for the women’s evolution