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Ronda Rousey, Sasha Banks, Dean Ambrose and four other WWE Major Superstars are said to be Leaving Vince McMahon’s Company to the displeasure of lots of WWE fans

# Luke Harper Requests His Release From WWE Contract

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is set to lose a couple of its superstars from the roster, while there are rumors of others asking for their release from the company. Luke Harper has asked for his release from the company but it was declined owing to some funny, incredulous reasons.

However, most of the attention is on the absence of Sasha Banks, who is said to have been given time off after she asked for a release.

# Sasha Banks WWE Departure

Lacey Evans WWE 1
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Sasha Banks learning she and Bayley would be split in the Shake-up reportedly factored into her trying to quit WWE

Banks is said to have demanded her release from the company after WWE made the decision to make her and tag team partner Bayley lose their women’s tag team titles at WrestleMania. They were expecting to be given a long run with the belts but the decision was said to have upset both the wrestlers, the former more than the latter.

The ‘Legit Boss’ has not been seen at Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live events in the last two weeks, which has raised speculation about her future with the company. John Pollock of Post Wrestling reported that WWE was hoping Banks returns after taking some time off and to have her back by the time the next pay-per-view rolls around – Money in the Bank on May 19.

Becky Lynch
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Banks has unfollowed WWE and Vince McMahon on social media platforms, and followed AEW and a number of wrestlers tied to the rival promotion. Even if she wants to make a switch, she will have to be first released by WWE, which is unlikely to happen owing to her popularity within the WWE Universe.

Percentage of Sasha Banks Leaving WWE: 65 percent sure she’s leaving

# Ronda Rousey WWE Exit Verified

WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey Exit Verified, Report Claims

Another big departure has been confirmed, but the WWE hoped it is just a small hiatus. Ronda Rousey confirmed via an Instagram post that she was looking to start a family with husband Travis Browne after she labeled a picture “#impregnationvacation”.

Rousey was expected to take a hiatus after WrestleMania, especially after it was revealed that she would undergo surgery for a broken hand. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne confirmed via a source she is indeed taking a break from pro-wrestling – it was unclear when she plans to return but she does have a contract with WWE until 2021.

Percentage of Ronda Rousey Leaving WWE: 97 percent Certainty She’s leaving

The Revival

The Revival requested its WWE release earlier this year, and though the talented duo has since become Raw Tag Team Champions, the booking of them on TV hasn’t changed much.

While WWE demonstrated with its massive financial offer to Dean Ambrose that it will shell out big bucks to prevent young, well-rounded stars from leaving, The Revival remains unsure of their WWE future.

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Percentage of The Revival Leaving WWE: 60 percent sure they’re leaving

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Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Release

Shinsuke Nakamura’s WWE contract expires at some point later this year, and NJPW is reportedly interested in bringing him back, though it’s not exactly clear how interested Nakamura is in returning to his home country.

#Percentage of Shinsuke Nakamura Leaving WWE: 52 percent sure he’s leaving

Alicia Fox WWE Release

Alicia Fox showed up intoxicated to a WWE live event and Arn Anderson let her wrestle anyway. However, only Arn Anderson was fired for this offense.

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From multiple reports, the WWE Universe wants Alicia Fox to leave: everybody seems to be fed up with her.

Ric Flair Hospitalized owing to Injury or Surgery

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Percentage of Alicia Fox Leaving WWE: 90 percent sure she’s leaving

# Dean Ambrose Offered Massive Deal to Leave WWE

Dean Ambrose is done with WWE. No twists, no last-minute swerves, nothing. All hopes of a change of mind were squashed on Raw and now, the attention shifts towards the former WWE Champion’s next move.

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According to Slice Wrestling, AEW have offered Ambrose an outrageously lucrative deal to the tune of $6 Million per year, which is more than what Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns earn in the WWE.

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Additionally, the proposed deal is said to have lesser dates. Ambrose is reportedly keeping his options open and will make a decision in the next few months.

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All we can do now is wait and watch when it comes to Ambrose’s next move.

Percentage of Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE: 65 percent sure he’s leaving