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Do you think Shane McMahon may end up leaving the WWE before WrestleMania 32?

No one can argue that the WWE pulled off a master stroke by reintroducing Shane McMahon when a lot of top-tier talent is riding the bench. By playing Tyrion Lannister, Shane has firmly ensconced himself as the center of attention on the Road to WrestleMania.

But there might be a tectonic shift, speculates wrestling pundit Dave Meltzer. This is what he opined in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “But even those closest to the family and near the top recognize the way Vince thinks.

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Already people are noting that the family soap opera behind the scenes is likely to become far more interesting than the one playing out on the screen.”

It is well known that Vince McMahon is more of the ‘iron-fist’ persuasion as opposed to Shane, who is well-liked by the officials and the locker room and considered one of the guys. Perception is reality, add the fact that the pre-existing friction between the three McMahons isn’t entirely assuaged, and you might have a fire as soon as there’s a spark.

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Shane’s return was apparently a last-minute measure, one that wasn’t put into motion until four weeks ago. The main impetus for this was the injury to John Cena, which precluded the ‘legends’ match that Vince was so dearly hoping would buffer the heavily-invested mega event in Dallas.