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According to Wrestling Inc, WWE has suspiciously canceled the DVD that they had planned for the third generation promoter, Shane McMahon.

You would observe that for a good number of years now, Shane has not come anywhere near the company. He even refused to attend Wrestlemania or Summerslam, the two biggest wrestling pay-per-view events of the year for WWE. In fact, of all the members of McMahon’s family, Shane is the only that is not involved in the biggest moments of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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Now the real issue: Originally, it was thought that Shane would be the one to succeed the legacy of his father, Vince McMahon when he eventually decides it’s time to pass the mantle he inherited from his father many years ago but that dream has turned out to be mere figment in the air as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are now pitched to steer the ship vigorously anytime soon.

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The whole thing is sort of complex because some “some powers” are trying to bury the report that there could be an issue between 45-year-old Shane and his family.

Five years ago, Shane McMahon left WWE, and that shocked the pro-wrestling world. There were speculations, rumors and arguments as to why he left. Everyone was curious! Everyone wanted to know what was rocking the company’s boat behind the scene. Shane took a step further, skipped the two biggest wrestling pay-per-view events, Wrestlemania and Summerslam but again “some powers” try to bury the possibility that there could be any friction between him and his family. Instead they claim that Shane has been very busy with the CEO of You On Demand, a company based in China.

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Then if it’s true that there are no issues between Shane and his family, why did the company apprehensively canceled the DVD of Shane? The truth is here, if Shane they had not cancelled it or if they grant Shane an interview then be sure he would open up on all that’s going on behind the mask between him and his family.

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With that been so, Shane may never resolve his differences with his family because the post he wanted has been occupied. Stephanie McMahon is just a little inch away from stepping into the role of her father as the Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment. One day, soon, she would be enthroned. Vince McMahon has been building her and she looks fit enough for that now. While Triple H who is currently managing NXT would step up the ladder and seat firmly beside his beloved Stephanie in the managerial affairs of the WWE. So Shane seems to be at the losing end, isn’t it?