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The lies, the intrigues, the stakeholders’ pain.

And the verdict is …. The Jury, on Friday ruled in his favor, and the defendant went ballistic.

Gawker, the defendants in the Gawker case, claims Hulk Hogan knew he and Heather were being filmed. The case then is not because he was caught in a sexual activity on tape, but for a different matter. Hogan has gone ahead and lied to the public not stating the true reason.

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Gawker claims Hogan uttered racist words and the public’s knowledge of which will cost him his good reputation and career. But Gawker will not give in, stating an actionable reason for that decision.

If the court can then be convinced beyond reasonable and unreasonable doubts, adding the fact that Hogan has lied earlier, Gawker may just have the verdict overturned, not needing to pay the awarded damages. This will then cause further harm to the Hulkster.