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Shane McMahon’s Departure From The Company… Never Had To Wrestle — John Morrison.

John Morrison thinks it strange and upsetting the fight between Shane and the Undertaker…

In a recent meeting with Raj Giri, Founder and President of Wrestling Inc. Johnny Mundo( John Morrison) talks about Lucha Underground’s live shows. And gradually shifts to talk on Shane McMahon’s departure from the WWE.

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He said Shane’s departure was not belabored by the company, it was seen as a normal occurrence because he did not play a big part in the ring. He was of the opinion that Shane was rather laid unlike Stephanie who was more passionate about the activities of the WWE.

“He obviously never had to wrestle, but he wanted to because he was a fan of the business, and I respect that.” Mundo isn’t thrilled about the Shane-Undertaker match, would be upset by it if he were still a part of the WWE and thinks it is not reasonable.

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He said further that Stephanie came in handier in the managing of the WWE, while her brother looked more to the fun side of the company.