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The Passing away of WWE’s announcer’s wife; she died at the age of 55.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross’ wife, Jan Ross, has finally passed away; she died after being involved in a Vespa accident which left her unconscious for quite a while.Jan Ross was struck by a car without wearing a helmet on her way to the gym near her Oklahoma home.

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Jim Ross made the note via Twitter when he came forth to announce that his dearest wife has given up the ghost. Hours later Ross took to his JR’s BBQ blog to post an emotional post on the ’life changing week.’

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Ross announced today via Twitter (Wed. March 22, 2017) that his ‘little angel’ was given her last rights by a priest and has passed away at the age of 55:

In case you didn’t know:

Jan suffered multiple skull fractures and was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery. Soon after Ross took to Twitter to alert the fans that his wife was in surgery, he stated that they need a miracle to save her life and requested everyone to pray for her well-being.

After being in critical condition and needing the swelling in her brain to subside if she had any chance at survival.

Our deepest condolences go to the family, friends, and relatives of Jan Ross. Rest in peace!