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Is he making a return to the company?

Fans around the world are speaking out against the unfair treatment of Roman Reigns by the WWE. They oppose his headlining the WrestleMania 32 news.

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Some wrestlers spoke up in his favor, but one in particular has opposed him in words. Former Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison, does not see much of Reigns. The current Lucha Underground star is known as Johnny Mundo.

“Well I’ve fought most them. Roman Reigns, I’d love to wrestle him in like 10 years if he’s still wrestling, because by then hopefully he’d figure out how to work.” He said this to World According To Wrestling when asked who he would like to fight in the future.

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Opinions similar to John Morrison’s have been expressed in times past by anonymity-seeking wrestlers. But Mundo’s words may go unpunished because his name does not line the WWE pay roll.