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The former Tag-Team Champion will not leave WWE.

He was sacked by the Chairman and CEO of the WWE for a slip on the day Daniel Bryan was leaving the company. But Triple H intervened and the boss calmed it to a suspension.

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Now Titus O’Neil is done half of his time in suspension. But his return to the ring will come up after WrestleMania 32 which means he will definitely miss taking home a big pay- the biggest of the year.

“(Batista) is right. I can go and coach, I can do a lot of stuff, but at the end of the day, I’ve never quit on anything in my entire life.” He still has faith in the company, and does not see himself quitting.

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He owns up to ‘his mistakes of the night’ but will learn from it he says. “People who probably weren’t interested in me as a WWE superstar, are now interested in me as a man and a father…I’ll just take this punishment just like everything else, take a lemon and make lemonade.”