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Will Triple H put up a fight?

Questions are swirling around now more forcefully especially with Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE. These points to who the Vince McMahon heir will be.

Before Shane’s departure from pro-wrestling, Stephanie McMahon had worked closely with her father, the CEO. This fostered closeness between them that Shane did not enjoy. While Stephanie worked in the Creative department with the CEO, Shane built the company from the Digital and International broadcasting point, working his way to gradually become the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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In the years following Shane’s absence, Triple H and Stephanie had been given control of Monday Night Raw, the WWE’s money-fetching program. The audience then began to insinuate that Triple H takes over from Vince as the next CEO.

This did not seat pretty with Vince, who decided to call back his son to the affairs of the family business. It was that or the fans would influence Triple H to take over affairs.

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On the other hand, this cunning, wily clan may just be playing out some script they wrote behind the scenes. Speculations say Vince might have employed Triple H to build the company for Shane to take over.

Moreover, Vince now seems incoherent about his stand with Triple H, what with the odds between the two that is rearing its ugliness.