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A report has just been submitted stating WWE Superstar Roman Reigns might have changes in his attire due to worldwide terrorist attacks especially the recent one in Paris executed by a married couple which left more than a hundred persons dead.

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In WWE Survivor Series this year, the issue cropped up again especially as there was a report that stated that ISIS were planning to launch an attack at the show.

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Now the main issue is that Reigns has made a trademark with the attire. He has been using it since his days in the faction called “The Shield” which comprises Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and himself. So far, the other two have changed so many things that they were used to when they were under the faction but Reigns has not and might not. The only remarkable change that Reigns has made over the years is the logos in the legendary attire which more than anything else means a lot to WWE as well as the fans.

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According to All, WWE has eventually considered changing Roman Reigns’ look due to recent terrorist attacks that have happened around the world. The management of WWE has been considering the issue after that very attack in Paris but the issue was not finalized for a reason or two. The idea is, Reigns attire looks too military or terrorist-like and that doesn’t seem as a good idea for a time such as now that terrorist attacks nearly at will.

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Report says that the main reason why Reigns attire wasn’t eventually changed was because the idea didn’t appeal to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon because he felt Reigns might lose face before fans and that would have a huge financial consequence on WWE.

But a portion of WWE official feels that that wouldn’t affect fans’ love for Reigns whom they perceived has become a household name and that whatever he wears, or his wearing a tactical gear might not affect WWE in any way. While the other fraction feels otherwise. They believe it might eventually lead to discussions about them and that could affect business.

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McMahon also falls under other the second side of the equation. He feels it would be a knee-jerk reaction to change Reigns’ entire at a time when the company is trying to promote and thrust him to the top of the ladder. He noted that it wouldn’t be a wonderful idea considering the current state of the company. Hence, the company has decided to play the “wait and see” game for the now.

The ultimate question that falls on the shoulders of WWE management is “If they eventually they decided to change Roman Reigns attire, what attire will they come up with that will work for him?” Pending the answering of that question, we do not see WWE changing the look of Roman Reigns any time soon.

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