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WWE has a credit for dropping storylines if someone’s backstage story leaks out to the internet wrestling community before the real thing happens. As for Kevin Owens, there was a note that he was joining the League of Nations when he returns and that was it. But there seems to be a contrasts to that as regards Charlotte on this week’s Monday Night Raw owing to how her father, Ric Flair mistakenly gave out some Wrestlemania spoilers. The fear now is, WWE may scrap Charlotte’s match at Wrestlemania and cook up something entirely different instead.

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If this does happen, it would be an awful thing to say for all those that would be affected by that very act. Truth be told, Charlotte has proved and distinguished herself in the WWE Divas table. She strikes the note that she is worthy of any challenge and the 2016 Wrestlemania is just one of such.

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If this does happen, that is, if WWE drops her for WrestleMania 32, we fear what might happen to Ric Flair who has been very supportive to his dear daughter from the onset.

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Flair has said both with words and actions that he supports the dreams, aspirations and ambition of the WWE Divas Champion even to the level where she can be tagged a legend, just like himself. And Charlotte got that message clearly and has not failed him in any respect especially within the squared ring. Recently in an interview she noted that she desires to climb to the very top, of the WWE ladder and that she sees herself becoming The Rock in the future. That was not contested by anyone though not as if anyone needed to but we all know that that means great work for her.

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In the interim, the world watch how hard Ric Flair had to bite his lips during his podcast show recently when the topic of Reid Flair was brought up. He didn’t want that part of the story to be talked about just like anything else. Flair was careful; he didn’t want anything to affect Charlotte or her career. He could have but wisdom told him that if he does punch WWE for using his deceased son in a story line, it would fall back on Charlotte. And he swallowed the bitter pile for that sole reason, who wouldn’t?

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