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Ric Flair once more failed to manage the self desire to say everything one knows. He could have, should have, ought to have moderated his speech but alas, he failed. In a recent report, Ric Flair accidentally gave away some Wrestlemania spoilers. Flair revealed that WWE has planned on keeping the WWE Divas Championship on Charlotte until the big pay-per-view where she would defend the title against NXT Divas Champion Bayley or Sasha Banks. That was against the idea of WWE, they’d preferred to keep it quiet or as a secret but Flair just spoilt that spoiler or card.
Consequently, WWE may scrap Charlotte’s match at Wrestlemania and cook up something entirely different instead.

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If this does happen, that is, if Charlotte is dropped from WrestleMania 32, it could break and devastate Ric Flair who has been very supportive to his dear daughter after losing so much money to multiple divorces over the years.

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Flair has given the WWE Divas Champion every single support she needs in her bid to the top of the ladder, we all can tell. The world watch how hard he had to bite his lips during his podcast show recently when the topic of Reid Flair was brought up. He didn’t want that part of the story to be talked about just like anything else. Flair was careful; he didn’t want anything to affect Charlotte or her career. He could have but wisdom told him that if he does punch WWE for using his deceased son in a story line, it would fall back on Charlotte. And he swallowed the bitter pile for that sole reason, wouldn’t you?

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