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The Undertaker

We can not contest it, 2015 has been remarkable and unique in the WWE world especially as touching the retirement of one of the respected and eulogized wrestlers, The Undertaker.

In recent times, The Undertaker’s live appearances have been reduced by WWE as age catches up with him. Also his in-ring matches has been short-circuited and reserved for exceptional moments like the Summerslam, Hell in A Cell, WrestleMania, and Survivor Series.

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At the moment, WWE is doing everything within its power, crossing the T’s and doting the I’s to see that The Undertaker gets a befitting exit from professional wrestling as diehard fans wish in vain that he never leaves.

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Yes, The Undertaker’s legendary career is coming to an end and WWE is already fixing things up for that. However, the WWE’s management is looking forward to The Undertaker engaging in few more matches before he bows out.

The Survivor Series would mean The Undertaker is being sendoff technically as he would be partnering with Kane and others to stage a war against the Wyatt Family in a traditional, Survivor Series 8-man tag-team match.

More updates on The Undertaker’s sendoff later.

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