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What Divas Champion Charlotte learned from Nikki Bella…?
* After the victory over Nikki Bella last night, WWE Divas Champion Charlotte has come out to speak about her Hell In a Cell match against Nikki Bella.

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In her words, Charlotte says she has come to stay as a Champion and she would give all it takes to retain the title. She also says that through Nikki she realized that she deserved to be Divas Champion. According to her, Nikki took her places she’s never been before although she got scars and a crooked nose for the battle, it was a worthwhile match, she added.

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* This video from last night’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view captures Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens as he speaks about his WWE career.

In the video published above, Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens says to Rich Brennan that he is on the verge of taking a giant stride which will inevitably prove him as one of the best IC Champions in the WWE history.

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