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Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has gone through a number of issues as longer as his professional wrestling career is concerned. Few months ago, Seth Rollins and his girlfriend Zahra Schreiber were trending. The report was about a nude photo that hit the internet revealing odd parts of Zahra Schreiber and Seth Rollins’ body.

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There were many sides to that story but the bottom line was that Schreiber and Rollins were captured and a nude photo spelt it out and WWE was not happy with it. Rollins on his own tried defending Zahra since the nude photo got more of her parts.

After that phase was over, a little while ago Zahra was fired by WWE following a pro-Nazi image she published using her Instagram account back in 2012, the very year that Zahra and Rollins began their relationship. Zahra secured a contract with WWE after several failed attempts but in June 2014, she improved her game and WWE felt pleased with her. She did well as a Diva and carved a niche for herself in the industry even though the time was so short for her to register any lasting impression.

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Then there comes Rollins’ knee injury couple of months back. Rollins injured his MCL, ACL, during a bout against Kane and it affected WWE’s plans for quite a number of events including WWE TLC and WrestleMania 32. He had a successful surgical operation in Birmingham, Alabama and WWE camera captured every side of the day. And according to Dr. Andrews, he would need 6-9 months to get fit again.

Consequently, Rollins who have already missed WWE TLC, has also being ruled out for Royal Rumble as well as WrestleMania but he may return just in time for WWE SummerSlam. In the meantime, fans has to just wait and wish him quick recovery as there seems to be nothing else to be done. We hope all goes well with him as he takes time away.

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