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Information just reaching us spells it out that another popular WWE Superstar has been added to the league of injured Superstars. Well, we thought the line has been drawn for injury this year; no Superstar would fall down again as the year winds off but we were wrong. We just learned that WWE Superstar Stardust who has been absent from ring actions for a while now has joined the likes of Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and others.

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While we all stood thunderstruck wondering just what has gone wrong with Stardust with regards to his absence in the last WWE RAW, Charlotte’s manager Ric Flair who was speaking on his podcast lately disclosed that Cody Rhodes who is also known as Stardust is down with injury. He didn’t just stop at the surface; he took a step deeper and stated that Stardust is battling with a neck injury.
Stardust on the other side noted that he has got no fractures, and that things are in shape but he didn’t comment on whether or not he suffers any neck injury.

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That implies that the injury is not severe, we suppose. Although quite a number of talents are already recovering from their injuries, WWE still can’t afford losing another WWE Superstar or Diva to injury as WrestleMania is just a stone’s throw away.

Since Ric Flair didn’t disclose how long Stardust will take to recover from his downtime, we are of the opinion that he would come back just in time before you start missing him. Yes, he was out of WWE RAW in the week that just past, but he was seen without any neck brace backstage doing promos. So he may be back sooner than you can imagine, although no one can stamp that as medical experts may report a different case from what the layman would have stated.

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