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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has stated that this 2nd leg is the best time for Roman Reigns to get a definitive win over Bray Wyatt.

Jim Ross posted this in his latest blog entry at his official website. Here’s the highlights below:

Tyler Breeze’s debut”

“Enjoyed antagonist, Tyler Breeze’s debut Thursday night on Smackdown and the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy product has some viable, old school traits that WWE should be able to monetize. Would WWE be so bold as to have Breeze upset John Cena to become the new WWE Champion Sunday in LA? Stranger things have happened in the biz over the years.”

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Roman Reigns needing a win:

“Great time to have Roman Reigns get a definitive win over Bray Wyatt in the 2nd, HIAC match Sunday, or first if you’re thinking the order of events, and then not beat Roman again leading into Wrestlemania Texas. That’s Reigns best chance to ‘get over’ as a star heading into Texas in April 2016.”

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WWE’s women:

“Seems to me if WWE is hell bent on getting the women’s division established and more meaningful than in the immediate past then Charlotte should prevail Sunday and then embark on a program that ends at Wrestlemania versus Sasha Banks. Just my two cents.”

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